S2S Web Studio

Who we are

S2S Studio is a web development outsourcing studio. We work with existing web design agencies, web development studios and SEO companies to help them save resources and minimize expenses.

Whether you have just opened a web development studio or are already an established company on the market, S2S Studio can help you. We start by discussing your needs first and foremost.

Are you looking to outsource 2-3 projects per month or 5-10 projects? Depending on your requirements, we allocate a proportional number of our team members to focus exclusively on your projects.

The prices for our services depend on the number of projects you need completed regularly per month and the type of projects that need to be completed.

We also ask you to consider that we usually work on a contractual, monthly salary basis. Although we are happy to work with you on a project-by-project basis, please keep in mind that the estimated costs would be higher than hiring us long-term (though we expect these costs to be lower than without outsourcing!).

How we work

S2S Studio has 2 locations. Our main office is located in Kiev, Ukraine. We also have a supporting office located in Toronto to provide a customer service experience in the USA time zones.

S2S Studio employs only competent, reliable and hard-working individuals from Ukraine to work on your projects. All work is supervised by a project manager who is fluent in English and ready to discuss all your project requirements in detail.

Our project managers are always on standby to respond to our partners’ needs whether by phone, email or a messenger app of your preference. We can also employ a 24 hour support service if required.

Discuss your plans with us

Contact S2S Studio today by phone or email to discuss your needs in more detail. One of our staff will go through all available options with you. We can tailor a specific outsourcing package that will work within your budget.

Free assessments

If you are interested in S2S Studio as a potential partner, but still have doubts on whether we can deliver, we are ready to complete a free assessment and demonstrate our skills. As a part of a conditional work agreement, S2S Studio will offer to complete a pilot task for you FREE of CHARGE. If you are interested to learn more about this offer, please contact us today. We can and will deliver the best possible results.


We believe that results speak for themselves. Click here to check out a performance report of our own site from GTmetrix.