S2S Web Studio

WordPress Sites

One of the most popular and flexible platforms (CMS) out there is of course WordPress. WordPress is the premier choice for web development and SEO companies as it packs tons of features. Here at S2S Studio, we employ only expert WordPress developers who can code custom PSDs, custom plugins or themes. There is almost nothing we cannot do on the WordPress platform. If you are a web development or SEO company looking for a reliable WordPress website developer, S2S Studio is here for you. Call us today toll-free for a consultation call.

Woocommerce Sites

Looking to code a custom online shop, add ecommerce features or revamp an existing online store? S2S Studio can help you boost productivity and profit margin on every single project. We employ a team of developers, programmers and graphic designers that will be at your disposal. A designer will create 100% original mockups in Photoshop for your clients. What if they want a template? No problem, we can work with that. Want to find out how you can outsource your projects? Call us toll-free to speak with our support team and find out how we can help you.

Custom Sites

Do you also need a custom website coded from scratch? S2S Studio can also take care of more complex projects. Whether it’s a simple php-based website or a custom ecommerce site, our team will handle all the work and deliver a final product on-time. We design the site, code the site and optimize the site. We offer a one-stop package to deliver a final product to your client’s specifications. If you would like to learn more about our outsourcing solutions, please call us toll-free.

Web Design Services

Need custom website designs drawn up in Photoshop and demoed to your clients? S2S Studio has you covered in all aspects of graphic design. Just look at our own website! This is not just some WordPress theme. Our team designed, coded and optimized this website to near perfection. When you outsource your projects to S2S Studio, we cover all stages of the web development process, from design to coding. Call S2S Studio toll-free for a consultation today.

W3C Compliance and Optimization

We know that as a web development firm, you have already dealt with w3c compliance issues and how time-consuming the process is. At S2S Studio, our goal is to leave your website free of any w3c errors. We always take screenshots of progress before and after so you can provide your clients with a detailed report.

Pagespeed Insights Optimization

Is your client’s website running sluggishly? Do you want to show them an awesome speed boost and green scores on Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool? S2S has experience tuning websites to optimize it to Google’s standards. We can perform the necessary adjustments after a website has been coded. Click here to check out a performance report of our own site from GTmetrix.